✨GUIDED HYPNOSIS : How To Face The Unknown Without Fear ✨

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Published 5 years ago

GUIDED HYPNOSIS : How To Face The Unknown Without Fear
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Hello All!

To continue our Autumn Equinox series, this session is here to assist you with the next theme of the Fall Season : The Unknown/Mystery. Take this hypnotic journey to help alleviate the fear of the unknown.

In upcoming video journeys, we will touch on the other Autumn themes of Preservation, Protection, Comfort, Balance, and Letting Go. We dive deep into each theme over the next several weeks, with this hypnotic journey focusing on facing the unknown without fear.

In the following hypnotic journey, you will experience the following:

💛 full visual through the entire video
💛 15-minute hypnotic journey
💛 soft hypnotic music
💛 snaps

This hypnotic journey is to ✨Release Fear Around The Unknown✨.

Everyone can be hypnotized, and in fact, everyone IS hypnotized naturally multiple times a day. It is through this natural state of awareness that you have the ability to create positive changes that will help you to live a happier, healthier life.

As a Clinical Hypnotherapist, I work remotely with people all over the world -- creating personalized audio and video journeys, as well as holding private one-one-one phone and Skype sessions.

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🌀 email: [email protected]
🌀 website: journeywithjayni.com

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Until next time, continue to journey within, my friends.

Jayni Terry, Cht.
Clinical Hypnotherapist


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