ASMR - Ear & FACE BRUSHING - I will make you melt .. EAR to EAR WHISPER Close up + breathing sounds

ASMR Darya
Published 4 years ago

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We know each other quite a long time but I still did not brushing your face and ear...Today is this day, when I am gonna make you melt by my breathing ear to ear close up whisper with russian accent .I will touch you face and ear very accurately and soothing .. and play with you in drawing on your face game ♥ Made with love
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Camera: Canon PowerShot G7X Mark II
Light: YongNuo- 300 & YongNuo 1410 & YongNuo YN-168
Microphone #1: OKM II Binaural Microphone & Soundman Dummy Head ” John ” made of MDF
Microphone #2: 2 x Rode NT1-A
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What is ASMR for me? It is an opportunity to stop, to slow down. A whisper, a gentle quiet voice, slow, soft-spoken, inviting to listen to our feelings. A pleasant tingling sensation or a trance can be elicited by means of sounds: soft rustling; crackling of plastic or paper packaging; tapping with finger-nails on objects; a slight scratching with finger-nails on textured surfaces, plastic or wood; the rustle of pages; the sound of paper; breathing into the microphone...
ASMR role-playing creates the atmosphere of a game and helps to get into a space of relaxation. We call this trigger "personal attention" . Very popular sub-categories include a medical examination, a conversation with a client, the process of making up, massage, spa therapy, hair styling which are combined with smooth, flowing hand movements.
Everyone can find their trigger or their author to their liking. You can feel "tingling" and "tickling" or use ASMR to alleviate your depression, panic attacks, or to improve your sleep.
I'd be happy to help You!


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