ASMR - Asian Objects Show & Tell (China, Japan, Burma, Cambodia, Indonesia, Mongolia)

The French Whisperer ASMR
Published 8 years ago

Hello everyone,
many requested another video about objects and travels, so here it is: I review souvenirs from Asia. Most of these objects have little monetary value, but each one has its little story and reminds me of good moments.

As indicated in the video, you can vote for one of the next topics you would like me to discuss. Here are the options. I give everyone one vote, if you name various subjects I will split your vote between them. Votes will be closed on February, 10th 2014.

Update: votes are now closed. Labyrinth has won with 30% of the votes (14.75/50), I will post it soon. Thanks to all the participants!

A - History of Aeronautics (history/science) (3.25)
B - History of Babylon (history) (12.25)
C - Journey to Jupiter (astronomy) (12)
D - The Nympheas by Claude Monet (painting) (2.5)
E - The Myth of the Labyrinth (mythology) (14.75)
F - Cave Art (painting/archeology) (5.25)


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