ASMR - 50 Shades of ASMR Part 2 (Male Whisper, Kissing Sounds, Wet Mouth Sounds)

Ricky Odriosola ASMR
Published 7 years ago

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Tristan Grey is back & he doesn't do the boyfriend thing.
In this spoof, you return to Tristan after having have reviewed your ASMR contract with him. An ASMR relationship is what he knows and you are beginning to experiment with it. Soon after you have a long relaxation session with him.

Disclaimer: If you're easily offended by "seduction" or "sensual" ASMR then this video might not be for you. Triggers include lot's of close up personal attention, kisses, and other flirty triggers. You will be tied up and blindfolded!
Part 1 -

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