Harry Styles and Liam Payne Take Two One Direction fans Out for a Dinner Date - review

 JESSICA Whispers
Published 8 years ago

Harry Styles and Liam Payne have taken two fans out on a date. The One Direction stars treated two competition one direction fans winners to a excellent one direction dinner meal at the Soho Sanctum Hotel in London England on Tuesday evening thanks to Trekstock Charity again so one direction boys can do something special for their awesome fans, which supports young people affected by cancer. Guess What I'm One Direction Fan I Would Love To Go Out With Dinner To See One Direction as well love them so much! comment below letting me know which is your favorite one direction song ever !? my favorite one direction song would be story of my life by one direction! thanks for watching I'm Jessica Kardashian See You Later! Xo Hugs And Smiles From Me To You Wonderful People! Be Sure To Check Out The Full Story For One Direction Dinner Date With Fans Below Bye! Check Me Out On Twitter I Always Post Tons Of Modelling Pictures Of Myself And Video Updates As Well On All The Music Entertainment News For All You Great Youtubers!

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source link - Harry Styles and Liam Payne Take Two Lucky Fans Out for a Dinner Date Click here for more information: http://ca.eonline.com/news/523081/harry-styles-and-liam-payne-take-two-lucky-fans-out-for-a-dinner-date


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