NEW! ASMR/Whisper for Gamers - PAX East, Need for Speed, BioShock whisper ramble

ShleeOfTranquility ASMR
Published 8 years ago

Hi hi HI everyone! I am back with a new special edition whisper/ASMR video for you wonderful kick-ass gamers out there :D In this video I'll be whisper-rambling about my experiences at PAX East 2014, showing a bit of my video game collection and will also be tapping and scratching on some (hopefully) tingle-inducing objects: book sounds and page flipping, hairbrush, cosplay props and various boxes.

(The video ran longer than anticipated so I'll show my Fallout Power Armor progress in the next one). Also as mentioned, here is the link to Sander Cohen's Masterpiece from BioShock, check it out!:

I've missed you all SOOO much, thanks for checking in, I will do my best to continue improving the quality (and quantity!) of my videos 8D MUAH!!

Cheers and all my best :) - Smashley a.k.a. ShleeOfTranquility

Tags: Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response,Need For Speed (Video Game Series),Penny Arcade Expo (Conference Series),ASMR,whispering,relaxation,BioShock (Musical Album),tapping,scratching,whisper,video gaming,Cosplay (Hobby)


Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response Need For Speed (Video Game Series) Penny Arcade Expo (Conference Series) asmr whispering relaxation BioShock (Musical Album) tapping scratching whisper video gaming Cosplay (Hobby)

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