Psychic Training Center Role Play - ASMR - Soft Spoken, Ear to Ear, Tapping, Hand Relaxation

Published 8 years ago

Note: the first two minutes of the video are not meant as much for relaxation as for supplemental entertainment. If you want to skip straight to the actual role play, it begins at 1:51 :)

Hiya, Tingleheads! I very much hope you enjoy your first lesson in the psychic arts at Dr. Avalon Divine's Center of Parapsychological Studies!

This video contains many different triggers, so feel free to skip to the one(s) you like:

7:44 Ear-to-ear whispering/soft speaking, ear touching
11:19 Ear-to-ear deep breathing instructions/guided relaxation #1
13:37 Up-close hand movements, ear-to-ear whispering
17:50 Ear-to-ear deep breathing instructions/guided relaxation #2
20:10 Ear-to-ear soft speaking/whispering
23:21 Can tapping, sticky fingers
32:54 Deep breathing instructions/guided relaxation #3
36:10 Match lighting/candle lighting sounds
38:42 Candle/glass tapping
40:33 Gentle flame blowing
44:15 Matchbox tapping/scratching
48:36 Slow countdown

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Common triggers included: binaural sound, sticky fingers, candle blowing, personal attention, slow hand movements, occasional drinking sounds

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