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Published 4 years ago

Hey guys this is a very serious and real subject so I hope you guys are nice in the comment section... please don't make jokes about this video 💖💭 and if anybody is having a rough day today I hope you know you're loved and appreciated and I hope you know things get better🙌🏻 You are not alone all you need to do is ask for help and I most definitely sure you people will listen ☝🏻 I am always here if anybody needs to talk ☺️
But just in case here is the national suicide prevention lifeline which provides help to those and suicidal crisis or emotional distress
Available 24 hours every day
If you do not feel comfortable talking on the phone there is also a lifeline crisis chat national suicide prevention , it is a group chat online for anyone who is depressed ,despairing or going through a hard time , maybe just even needs to talk
also available 24 hours every day
Thank you so much for watching I hope you have a good night 💖💤
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