[ASMR] Dothraki Girl Heals You (Hand Movements + Dothraki spoken)

Published 4 years ago

Season 7 is already coming to an end... to celebrate the finale, here is the 3rd video of my "Game of Thrones asmr series".
This Dothraki girl will try to heal you with her hand movements - but will it work?
Dothraki spoken at 00:09 03:30 05:04 08:02 12:52
If you are interested in learning Dothraki, there are many websites which explain its grammar at length and you can even learn it on Memrise! It is much easier to learn than High Valyrian believe me...

David J. Peterson if you see this video, thanks for inventing these languages, they were really fun to learn! x

Learn High Valyrian with me ! https://youtu.be/GCEwH1efw1I
Daenerys Targaryen helps Sam Tarly write a book! https://youtu.be/jiELvxdeDzo

Necklace from Madagascar (rosewood & zebu horn)


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