{ASMR} Good Morning! Coffee And The Newspaper With Your Girlfriend - Roleplay

[Esc] reality
Published 7 years ago

Watch this in the morning.
Please adjust the volume to your personal preference. I made it loud so you can play it even through a cheap laptop.

Who here starts their day with ASMR? *raises hand* I want to give you a healthy dose of love, attention and tingles at the beginning of your day so you don't get as stressed out during the day. I hope you can feel my loving intention. This was intended to be played in the background as you get ready, there's literally nothing you have to pay attention to. Just let my soothing voice shower you with resilience and positivity.

Contains ASMR triggers such as tapping, crinkly newspaper and biscuit wrappers, soft speaking, whispering, kissing, liquid sounds, eating sounds, drinking sounds.

I'm trying out the Roland R-05 recorder w/ wind shield. Let me know how you like the sound compared to my old mic. I will try to get rid of the echo but my apartment is just really echoey so my options are limited at the moment.


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