ASMR - Fall/Autumn Comforting Leaf Sounds

Cori Cat
Published 5 years ago

I come across as a murderer, but whatever I'm still gonna upload it.

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Okay, so the idea of this video was much better than the actual thing lol. Although the sounds was quite loud in this video surprisingly. I've been feeding a crow outside my apartment and i think in parts of the video you can hear his cries of happiness. Also sorry for the video being so late, but I am going to be trying to upload twice a week :D. my weekend video will be my normal style of ASMR, and my mid week video will just be a short story reading. For October I bought a book with a bunch of scary stories in it, although I think it is just a children's book so it won't be too spooky lol.
But as always, I hope you enjoyed this video, and I hope you all have a good morning, good evening, and goodnight :)


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