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Published 4 years ago

In this ASMR video, I've tried to whisper several times "how are you" in 34 different languages. Do you remember? Last year, we made several videos in a lot of languages. Let me think about it. We did "thank you", "hello", "good night", "I love you" and "don't worry", if I remember well.

Your language might not be in this video. Why? Because nobody from your country helped me. It's not that I don't like your language. I like a lot of languages. I could say that I like all languages and I LOVE some.

I secretly hope that this kind of videos makes you want to learn a new language! I also hope that this video gives you some tingles, relax you and help you fall asleep (even though you can hear my "bigger" voice here and there :D)

Anyway, I'll leave a list of how you write "how are you?" in those 34 languages that are in the video (the order is a bit different from what you'll hear in the video):
Italian Come stai
German Wie geht es Ihnen?, Wie geht es dir?, Wie gehts Dir?
Maltese Kif Inti?
Brazilian Portuguese Como vai?, Tudo bem?, Tudo bom?, Como você está?
Russian Как дела? | Как ты
Norwegian (Bokmål) Hvordan går det?
Norwegian (Nynorsk) Korleis går det?
Greek Τι κάνεις, Πώς είσαι
Hebrew מה נשמע,איך אתה מרגיש,איך את מרגישה
Finnish Kuinka voit?
French Comment allez-vous ?, Ça va ?
Hungarian Hogy vagy?
Spanish ¿Como estas?
Dutch (Netherlands) Hoe is het?, Hoe gaat het?
Ukrainian Як ся маєш?
Polish Jak się masz
Slovak Ako sa máš?
Serbian Kako si?
Czech Jak se máš?
Turkish Nasılsın?
Dutch (Belgium) Hoe gaat het met je?
Portuguese (Portugal) Como estás?
Romanian Ce mai faci?, Cum mai ești?
Hindi तुम कैसे हो
Swedish Hur är det?, Hur mår du?
Kazakh Қалайсын?/ Qalaisyn
Thai สบายดีไหมครับ?
Korean 안녕?, 잘 지내?, 안녕하세요?
Japanese お元気ですか?
English How are you?
Arabic ازيك؟
Mandarin Chinese 你好吗?
Cantonese 你好嗎?

Have a great evening or day!

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Good night!

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