ASMR- Blue Themed Trigger Test! (Scratching, Tapping, Brushing, Pop Rocks, Cotton Candy, & More!)

AftynRose ASMR
Published 1 year ago
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Hello there :) and Happy Mothers Day! I wish that I'd had a themed video prepared for the day, but time slipped away and here we are. I wanted to post something for you all regardless, so this here is a video that I made with a blue theme after dying my hair again a little while ago! A gift of many triggers to Mothers everywhere, I hope that at least one of them gives you tingles :)

I know that this day is not a happy one for everyone. There are mothers who have lost their children, children who have lost their mothers, woman who can't have children and want to, and people who's family relations are strained. I am so sorry, life can be very unpredictable and cruel and I wish there was something more than this that I could do to make it easier. Try to sit back and relax to this video, I have included a very wide variety of triggers and I hope that they can give you some peace of mind for at least a little while. You are loved, and you are not alone.

If you are interested in hanging out with me and Michael tonight, heres the link to our stream! We will be playing Ocarina of Time and we stream every Sunday and every Wednesday :)

I also have more content and extended version of videos like this one on my Patreon, I understand not everyone is able to expend the money on things like this but even if you would like to just send me a message or check out my instagram I really appreciate hearing from you :)


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