ASMR 1.5 HOURS of Textured Glass Scratching | No Talking

JayLynn ASMR
Published 1 month ago

Hello, and welcome to my channel! Textured glass scratching is my all-time favourite trigger, and I wanted to dedicate a long video of it for you! I use many textured glass items from previous videos that many of you have loved and requested to do again. This is probably one of my favourite videos making, and I really hope you enjoy!

Disclaimer: The style of my ASMR tends to be fast and/or aggressive. This style of ASMR may be loud for some. I recommend adjusting your volume accordingly, especially if you are wearing headphones.

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0:01 - Preview
2:36 - Perfume bottle
12:35 - Small candle
21:40 - Whisky decanter
31:44 - Bumpy candle holder
42:44 - Vintage perfume bottle
53:14 - Cup
1:04:37 - Red bottle/vase
1:16:56 - Globe
1:24:44 - Large bowl

Enjoy, and much love to you all!
Why do I make ASMR?

ASMR has helped me through many difficult times, including stress, inability to fall asleep, anxiety, panic, and depression. I know I cannot cure these for you, but my hope is that I can at the very least help you relax and make your day a little better.

The main purpose of this channel is to relax you, and create a calming environment. It is a place of positivity, and to feel safe. Relax, and happy drifting, everyone!

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