ASMR Sensual Ear Attention and Whispers (Tsk, Inaudible Whispering, Ear Kissing)

ASMR Maddy
Published 2 years ago

No description necessary:-) I hope you will love falling asleep to this video!

"Sleep" intro: 0:10
Ear Sucking: 1:47
"Whiskey" and Sk sounds: 3:40
Kisses and mouth sounds: 5:24
Inaudible/unintelligible whispers: 7:25
Sk, sk, sk sounds 9:45
Ear sucking and mouth sounds: 10:35
Unintelligible whispers: 12:05
Mouth clicking and sk, sk, sk: 13:15
Unintelligible whispers: 14:34
Ear kisses, sucking and tsk, tsk, tsk: 16:04
"Sleep" and heavy breathing, kisses: 19:34

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