Shearlock Combs: A Special Edition ASMR Superbowl Commercial

Heather Feather ASMR
Published 6 years ago

Hello everyone! This special edition Superbowl ASMR video features many talents, soft speaking, and hair brushing! Since Superbowl commercials are such a big deal, I decided to create some silly Superbowl ASMR commercials or "ASMRadvertisements" haha. I thought this would be a great way to showcase some other amazing people in the ASMR community, while triggering you and hopefully making you smile. I wrote 6 commercials (I will be putting a new one out every half hour), and then asked a bunch of ASMRtists to help me out, and these incredible people all came through with only two days notice! Please check out their channels, they're wonderful! Happy Viewing!

Shearlock Combs ASMR Superbowl Commercial
Written by: Heather Feather

Starring (in order of appearance)
ASMR Angel:
Cosmic Tingles ASMR:
Ardra Neala:
Indigo Stars:

Music by
Kiwiwhispers ASMR:

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Image "Wenlock and Essex, Islington, N1" by Ewan Munro provided under a creative commons license found here:[email protected]/8050563748/in/photolist-dgpf8f-cRwDSy-vdG63Y-dRMfus-9BxFpW-qgdjXf-5Z6waq-nuuSFq-rSqgjU-4YXCin-9Y9bEQ-bPU3iX-avUgsP-qgfFNc-75FGF3-4JfWGS-bJgUYF-CoHPL-jkFCqW-bJgseK-4GET9W-nrpHWP-a5wM3B-4Ba6Dk-dum7By-4D6kie-6x919C-6QUqTE-6stnmQ-qBJvkS-bG7FYx-asCYE5-ryzCBm-4TtfjB-x8HPTi-uHacPy-4Co2tx-7gLxdE-dKLT1N-55JxQ4-cnWxqQ-g8SxbD-4JbHkM-dpquwD-faFph6-dKLSXb-4DkGTR-4JbJKt-kK9eLL-v8mLq7

Image "Mirror, Mirror" by madame.furie provided under a creative commons license found here:

PS. I googled "Shearlock Combs" to see if it was a joke anyone has ever made before, and I found out that there are actual places by the same name where you can get your hair cut! Props to them for having a sense of humor! :D


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