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Published 4 years ago

Goooooood evening, my loves. I've had a couple people ask for both another “Coffee with Calliope” video and a Q&A video, so if you have a question for me – drop it in the comments below! I'm up for most, but if y'all start getting explicit I'm gonna boot it to the Pacific :) but most anything else goes.

So tonight we have a classic facial RP back at the Ciela's Spa – complete with checking in with a peppy receptionist. I'll be consulting with you, examining your skin, cleansing & more for a short and sweet 30 min appointment. Lots of personal attention, some penlight examining, glove sounds and a whole lot of other triggers are included in this video.

Requests: I am no longer taking requests because I felt that most of the requests were beyond my scope of doing based on my equipment and set up, so while I enjoy all your ideas, I'm not going to take requests because I do not want to let anyone down :)
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