ASMR ~Old Dictionary - Whispering, Tapping, Page Turning, and Show and Tell!~

Emily G
Published 8 years ago

Hi again! This video will feature me reading several definitions from a 1950s dictionary, as well as lots of tapping and audible page turning. Towards the end of the video, I show you some pressed flowers from years ago that I keep tucked between the pages. This was actually the first asmr video I ever recorded and I filmed it portrait style. I left it sideways instead of flipping it because I despise black bars! Sorry if the orientation upsets you - all my future videos will be right side up! Hope you enjoy~ (◡‿◡)

oh btw, I'm obviously really new to this and would LOVE any comments or suggestions or even a like or two. I saw that one of my last videos had nearly 50 views after just a few hours and I almost started crying, I was so happy! Let me know what I can do better next time to help you relax and get tingles (-, -- )...zzzZZZ


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