ASMR Jewelry Collection *Closeup + Whispering*

Jennemotion ASMR
Published 7 years ago

Do you like it when someone is showing beautiful items closeup to you, and is speaking very soft or is even whispering to you about the items?

Then watch this asmr video - where I'm showing some pieces of my jewlery collection closeup to the camera.

I tried to do a ver nice soothing video to let you stop thinking and just relax and enjoy the soothing moment.

I'm showing the pieces closeup and touch them in a tingly hypnotic way.

This video is basically made to help you to fall asleep. So I hope it helps you as an asmr sleep help video to relax and not to think of anything else of your daily life.

So this video might me a good help to sleep well afterwards, and if you already fall asleep while it is running - even better!

Love, Jenn


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