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Published 4 years ago

36 Fast Minutes ASMR | AVRIC Something rudely touchy this way cometh! Feeling touchy? Feeling Triggered? Want to be more triggered? Let me help poke, tease, and further aggressively annoy you. ;) Features very random noises and weirdness and some minor triggers in this here description. Enjoy!

Some videos featuring mouth sounds or other "gross" sounds/textures:
Blowing Big Bubbles, Loud Pops:
Kissing Your Ears:
Tingle Twins Mouth Sounds:
Wet Ear Licking:
Up Close Mouth Sounds:
150 minutes rude omnomnom:
23 Minutes Slow Ear Licking:
31 Minutes of Sloppy Vaseline:
72 Minutes of Rude Ear Licking (like a cat!):
22 Minutes Shush and Face Touching:

Youtube coding is screwballs.
I love all those that love me.
Dear HD, I'm not your enemy.
Let's be frenemies, shall we? ;)

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Parodies and outtakes allowed with permission only.

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ASMR, АСМР, 音フェチ, 3Dio, ear to ear, No ads, wear headphones, tingles, insomnia, sleep problems, help me relax, sleep, relaxation, eye contact, face touching, brainy tingles, triggers, I utilize tags to trigger you and draw in bot crawlers (this isn't monetized, no ads here!). If you are triggered by a title/tag/label, you probably don't even like asmr anyway. avric avric avric *triggered yet?* avric avric avric


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