ASMR Intense Close Up Whispers - Lid Capping, Tapping & Soapy Suds

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Published 3 years ago

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Hello everybody, welcome to a new video, where I show you a few things I have enjoyed over the past few months! Please do sit back and relax! - NEW REWARDS - and efficient content, support my Patreon:

Trigger Times:
1:01 - 4:48 - Sticky Sounds, Tapping
4:57 - 6:24 - Lid Capping
7:30 - 19:15 - Gaming Sounds (Lulling Music, Whispers)
21:10 - 27:07 - Frothy, Suds Sounds

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Triggers Include:
Close Whispers, Suds Sounds, In-Game Music, Lid Capping, Tapping, Sticky Sounds.

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