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Jellybean Green ASMR
Published 5 years ago

►KEEN connects you with experienced psychics for convenient, affordable, and fun readings via online chat or voice call!
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Since I never promote a product or service I don't truly enjoy, I made this detailed review for those who'd like to know more. Becoming a customer through my unique link helps support this channel!

Hey y’all! Unfortunately, I’ve had to turn off the comments. I put a lot of time and effort into presenting a fair and detailed explanation of why I like this service, and too many people were leaving opinions without watching the video. It’s simply not fair to me or my sponsors for me to allow this video to become a dumping ground for everyone’s feelings about psychics, especially when many of those feelings don’t take into account the content of the video. So, I hope you’ll watch and enjoy or just move on.❤️✌️


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Y'all, I've done a LOT of in-person therapy, and I found online therapy with BetterHelp to be more affordable, more accessible, and in many ways more suited to my needs than any other therapy I've done. I'm truly excited to recommend BetterHelp as a service that may be a great option for many of you! I take your trust and well-being VERY seriously, so I'd love for you to learn more about why I recommend BetterHelp. Check out my in-depth video review (https://youtu.be/_ORWjFJEbXA ) or my written review (https://goo.gl/rBhmrL ). PLEASE NOTE: Since I have a paid partnership with BetterHelp, signing up for their service via my unique link does help support this channel.
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►Remember, ASMR is awesome, but it's not a substitute for professional care. If you have mental or emotional health concerns, please see a mental health professional. If the first person you speak to isn't a match, keep looking! You deserve good health.

If you need help with mental health concerns:
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