ASMR Finger Sucking - Give Soetori-chan her cream!~

Published 2 years ago

Another installment of Soetori-chan, man she hogs the limelight! Speaking of hogs, I'm gonna keep squeezing...doesn't matter. Okay my little cuties, after this video I want to focus on more community related stuff so comment down below what you would like to see. I want to push myself to do roleplay so I will be doing doctor roleplay soon, I want to see if I can do a very up close and personal with he camera type roleplay...

Help me to make fulltime ASMR:

In this video you will find; asmr, asmr tascam, asmr sucking, asmr mouth sounds, asmr finger sucking, asmr cream licking

If you read this, comment "sucking fingers for asmr, what a silly kitty" ヘ(^_^ヘ)


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