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Published 7 years ago

Hi my friends! I made a new asmr Reiki Healer Video for you, because it was requested from some of you :). I hope you like this version as well. I'm using my hands as well as some different "high energy" tools to enhance your life energy and your own healing power.

I'm working on your healing energy in your personal aura constantly and in a soothing way. You're getting treated with a pair of sticks, that I use to lead the bad energy out of your body. A crackling tool with wooden balls and pearls, that make a nice sound and that is used to enhance your good energy. As well as an energy stone, that is collecting more good healing power arround you. And the energy flow.

This asmr reiki video is a very individual version of mine when it comes to reiki or energy healing. I'm not concretely following the real traditional reiki technic, but I let flow in my own interpretation of energy healing with my hands, soft speaking, whispering and using tools.

Tell me what you think - is it enjoyable and relaxing for you?
Sorry for some slight reverb maybe again - recently I could only act in this specific room to make videos for you.

Love, Jenn


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