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Published 7 years ago

Dear friends, I hope you like my asmr reiki - energy healer roleplay. It's binaural, with lots of hand movements and ear to ear whispering.

I'm helping you to heal from your sufferings by sending my own energy to the lacks of yours, that have caused your discomforts. This asmr roleplay is like a doctor roleplay or medical asmr roleplay, because the topic is healing and I tried to create a professional appearing atmosphere for you, to get more into the feeling..

If you don't believe in Reiki, it 's doesn't matter - because the asmr roleplay is still relaxing and soothing. And to live deep relaxation has a healing effect anyway :). The relaxing and personal caring factor is the most important I think.

Of course this Reiki healer session is a personal interpretation of mine as I'm not a professional Reiki Healer :D. But I do believe in the healing effect of lovely caring and and the possibility to help other people enhance their own energy level - maybe even just because of the imagination. But that's exactly the point: Our most powerful part is our mind that can rule over our body.

Tell me in the comments if you like this asmr reiki roleplay interpretation. I hope you feel comfortable with it and relaxed to sleep well.

Love, Jenn


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