Tribute Makeover Role Play For Relaxation (ASMR) (Binaural and Stereo)

Heather Feather ASMR
Published 8 years ago

Hello everyone! Here is a close up personal attention role play with layered panning and 3D (binaural) sounds (including camera and face brushing, cutting, hair brushing, whispering, tweezing, soft speaking, humming, and a little spray bottle, beverage pouring, and light action :P) for you. Please wear headphones if you have them. This was a request that I was delighted to do: I tried to pay homage to one of my favorite book series ever---but regardless if you have read it, I hope you enjoy the video nonetheless. This was a new experience for me: I had to film the video, record with the yeti, then additionally record the attention sounds separately with the yeti, THEN record my "assistants'" sounds with the binaural microphone. I am still learning, so I hope it translates into tingles and sleep for you. I wish the gold eyeliner was shinier :P Happy Viewing!

ACK, after 38:55, there is just space. That was my error, and should the youtube editor choose to work, I will gladly remedy it.

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