ASMR Binaural/Stereo Ear Exam and Ear Cleaning Role Play for Relaxation and Sleep

Heather Feather ASMR
Published 9 years ago

Hello everyone! ""Noise soup. I just made it. Taste it with your ears."---Jarod Kintz. This video features follow the light, close up whispering, air sounds, peeling sounds, clicking, the tuning fork, different tones, typing, writing, rubber glove sounds, crinkling paper, and other sounds. This video took me 4 days to make, even though it isn't my usual length for a video. I had so many tech issues (including the death of my laptop, RIP), and I re-shot this whole thing 3 times (and was pretty run down by the end), with multiple layers of audio (that I hopefully didn't botch up). I tried to do a little Lara Croft tribute, but it turns out I can't speak with an English accent to save my life (I am so so sorry English friends). Also...every time I said "cerumen," my brain tried to get me to say "Sarumon." There are a few mistakes in this vid, if you spot them, please excuse them. I really hope this triggers you all. Happy Viewing!

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