ASMR Clothing Haul - Dresses (Soft Spoken)

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Published 3 years ago

IG @bellabbz
Hello! Thank you for so many wonderful messages! I'm really happy to be back, you all are so supportive and it meant a lot to me. Time stamps below V
Also, this is my last Tuesday video, I will start uploading every Sunday night from now on (starting on the 21st)

Dresses Menu:
0:05 Intro
0:45 Pink Dress
2:40 Black Dress
3:34 Ochre Dress
5:38 Black and White Stripes Dress
7:55 Yellow Dress
9:18 Long Salmon Dress
11:23 Candy Cane Dress
12:56 Skirt and White Top
15:07 Beige and Black Dress

Thank you for watching (:


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