ASMR Sketching You! | Soft Spoken RP | Personal Attention, Pencil & Pen Writing

calliope whispers ASMR
Published 4 years ago

Good evening, my loves! Tonight we're doing a “sketching you” roleplay, as it seems to be pretty popular as of late and I figured it would be fun, so why not! I decided to have a little bit more fun than usual with this, as my somewhat flirtatious demeanor would suggest in this video! It was super spontaneous so I apologize for not speaking slower or working slower, I just didn't really give myself time to “get in the zone”.

This video includes some personal attention, pencil & pen clicking and writing, paper sounds, et cetera. As the video progresses I speak less and when I do it is in a softer tone for those who use these videos to relax or sleep! Hope you enjoy it!

Requests: I do not do requests, however, that doesn't mean that I don't get inspired by suggestions!
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