ASMR |๐Ÿ’™ Stressed? Let me give you Attention & Positive Affirmations ๐Ÿ’™ (Soft Spoken + White noise)

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Published 5 years ago

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(NOTICE: I will be uploading my videos at 3pm EST on Fridays. Thank you again for your patience!)

For those going through so much right now, here is a video to help ease your mind of all troubles. Take a little break for yourself and let us focus on some positivity. Come have a little chat with me while I softly touch your face and we uplift ourselves. :3

Triggers include soft speaking (with a little hint of whispers), some personal attention, positive affirmations, some gentle hand movements at times, and some background of white noise from a fan.

NOTES: I ended up experimenting with trying to speak at a bit of a more normal pace than usual. Let me know what you think! I also learned some new tricks to make the audio quality better (here is hoping!)

Aiming to upload a video once a week on Fridays at 3pm EST. You can take a look at my twitter for updates in case there might be any delays due to RL and what not.

Thank you so much for your patience again and your support! Every view, like, subscriber, and comment mean so much to me and helps to keep me going. TRUST ME when I say you guys make me smile so much. :D


BEST WATCHED with a pair of headphones to get the possible best effect from ASMR.


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::: Disclaimer: My videos are created for entertainment, relaxation, and ASMR/Tingles/Chills inducing purposes solely. My video cannot replace any medical need If you have sleep troubles, anxiety, or psychological issues. Please consult your doctor or physician for the appropriate care for you. Thank you.


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