ASMR 1h Whispering: Answering your questions!

Published 4 years ago

Welcome to my new ASMR video! This video will answer the questions you asked on my snapchat, twitter and youtube!
Hope you enjoy!!!
- ASMR Glow

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Separated into PERSONAL and ASMR!


00:40 Where are you from? What is your ethnicity/background?
01:37 What language do you think in?
02:38 Has anyone ever recognized you?
03:54 Favorite type of shows/books?
04:08 What did you want to be when you were little and why?
04:34 If you could play any character, which one would it be (if you were to be an actress)?
05:27 Role model? (Who has been impactful in your life)
08:05 What do you do to bring yourself back up when you're feeling down?
09:12 Favorite Spice Girl
09:18 Favorite animal
09:27 Favorite video game
09:31 Favorite tv show
09:34 Favorite color
09:38 Favorite makeup brand
10:52 Favorite sport
10:56 Marvel or DC?
11:00 Favorite Star Wars character
11:10 Who should be your master if you would train as a jedi/a sith?
11:17 Dream job
11:48 Favourite pastry
12:12 New Year Resolutions
12:45 If you could play a role in a future Star Wars film what would it be?
13:04 What are you most passionate about? biggest accomplishment?
15:00 Do you watch any beauty gurus on YouTube?
15:22 If you were to live anywhere in the U.S. where would it be?
16:19 If you could be any harry potter character who would you be? which movie in the harry potter series is your favourite?
17:23 Hogwarts house
18:03 How do you juggle school, social life and making videos?
19:12 The most dangerous thing you have ever done?
20:45 Anything BIG planned for 2018 outside of ASMR?
21:09 If you inspired something someone created, would you want to see/hear it?
21:24 How's the plan to stream coming along? (Will you also open a discord?)
21:37 At some point you mentioned you were writing a (fantasy?) book, have you gotten anywhere with it?
22:28 How tall are you?
22:40 How many languages can you speak?
23:49 Why did you choose Psychology to study?
24:53 Would you ever consider doing vlogs?
25:46 How much sleep do you get on average during a week?
26:17 Could you talk some german?
26:53 Do you play any instruments?
27:03 Have you truly figured out who you are as a person?
27:33 What career do you expect/hope to have after university? Do you think YouTube will become a full time thing?
29:17 Will you dropout school if Youtube works out?
29:43 Is there something that happened and made you who you are today? If so, what is it?
30:11 Skincare routine?
30:16 What is one thing people most often misunderstand about you?
30:44 Pet peeves? Guilty pleasures?
30:55 How did you get into makeup and how did you get so good?
31:34 Celebrity you'd like to meet? I FORGOT MARK HAMILL HE'S A GENIUS HA
32:18 Do you like to travel? If so, what country would you like to visit?
33:09 What was high school like for you?


33:39 Why ‘Glow’?
33:50 Do you find your own voice relaxing? Do you listen to your own videos to chill or sleep?
34:00 What made you get into ASMR in the first place?
34:29 Do you enjoy all of the videos and triggers you do or only some of them?
34:56 Do you ever feel pressure with coming up with new videos? Do they come naturally to you?
35:47 Favorite types of asmr videos to make and to listen to?
36:22 Most difficult part of making asmr videos? What motivates you?
37:50 Whispered or soft spoken asmr?
37:56 What you've enjoyed most since you started your channel
38:20 Most important thing(s) you've learned since creating this channel?
40:00 Glow merchandise?
41:07 Do you ever start filming but then get so tired while doing that you stop?
41:49 Is making ASMR videos your job?
42:17 Weirdest thing about ASMR for you?
43:22 Did you ever think you would get to 300k ?
43:34 Hebrew ASMR?
44:49 Loved your collab video with Gibi ASMR! Would you want to do another with her or any other asmrtist?
46:20 How long does it take you to make one video? What's the process?
50:09 Does any of your friends or family members know you do asmr?
51:58 Funnest video you've done + Hardest video you've done
53:37 Games you'll be playing in the ASMR gaming?
53:57 Favorite trigger to fall asleep to?


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