ASMR Overwatch - Ana Amari

Catplant ASMR
Published 3 years ago

Hello fam :) Sombra is OUT on PTR! Just so you guys now, however the quene is massive atm. Edit: I just played her and wow! This is going to be such a change to the meta of the game. I just got my abiltiies and ults disabled temp, this is going to be very interesting. Very fun!

This is a mini fun Ana gameplay ASMR I chose her first because she is my main. However, I may end up uploading for other characters as well. Hope you enjoy

I'm very excited for all of the new things coming out in Overwatch!

ps im stilling trying to get Young Ana skin! - my current OW mission.
also i'll be getting a dxracer chair for my back ;)



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