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Published 5 years ago

Does exactly what it says on the lid.

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Firstly it stands for Autonomous sensory meridian response.
''What on earth does that even mean?!''
Err, you can ask Wikipedia for the answer to that...BUT I can tell you what it does to the body, although sadly not everyone experiences it. I say sadly because it is a NICE sensation, so if you get it, just enjoy it!
Basically it's a tingling sensation ranging anywhere from the scalp (where I get it) to down the back, though suppose you could get this feeling anywhere!

❀''This is some sexual fetish though, surely?''
NO. The majority of ASMR lovers don't watch these videos to get sexual pleasure from it. But let's face it, there are a large number that do. Us creators aren't clueless about this, I'm sure we just prefer not to think about it. While others take advantage of that.

❀So that brings me to the most COMMON question of people who don't understand ASMR:
''Why are you whispering/speaking so softly?''
Cause it's relaxing, duh :D
There are so many things that can trigger ASMR, what one person may find tingly, another may find extremely annoying.
Mouth sounds are a great example of this (slapping, chewing, crunching etc). You either love it or hate it.

❀More 'triggers':
Whispering/speaking softly.
Crinkling paper or a plastic bag, or anything else that crinkles!
Page turning.
Tapping wood, plastic, card...again pretty much anything that taps.
Water sounds.
Stroking stuff or rubbing sounds (Q tips along a mic for example)

❀Or visual stimuli:
In real life I have experienced this through watching people clean (like dusting, polishing windows etc). The repetitive motion of the hands I suppose it is.
So hand movements, finger fluttering.
The sound and the movement of someone stroking the pages of a book as they turn.

There are so so many, I couldn't possibly name them all without boring you to tears.

So if you don't get ASMR, that's fine. But let the few of us that do enjoy it :D


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