ASMR soft spoken tag

Published 5 years ago

ASMR soft spoken tag

LOL. Such bad quality compared to my other videos. Sorry! There were a lot of people in my mother's house at that moment (where all my equipment is), so I wasn't able to record there. But, soon, my mom and I will be alone at home for 2 weeks. Which means I will be making a lot of videos!! And... There will be a guest... (Not my friend btw haha.) ;-)

I was tagged by Atticus ASMR:
I tag Gracev and Fairy Char ASMR!

The Questions:
1 - When was the first time you experienced ASMR?
2 - When was the first time you watched ASMR on Youtube?
3 - What's your favorite unintentional ASMR video?
4 - Name the last five ASMRtists that you watched.
Sapphire ASMR: -
Gracie K:
Fairy Char ASMR:
What is your favorite ASMR trigger to listen to?
6 - What is your least favorite trigger to listen to? (Do it....!)
7 - Do you use ASMR to relax or fall asleep?
8 - What is your bedtime routine?
9 - What is your favorite trigger to do? (Do it!)
10 - What is your least favorite trigger to do? (Do this too!)
11 - How long does it take you to make a video?
12 - Have you ever gotten tingles from your own videos?
13 - Do you watch your own videos?
14 - What software do you use to edit?
15 - What time of the day do you film?
16 - What is your favorite video that you've made?
17 - Have one of your videos had an unexpected negative fan reaction?
18 - What videos of yours, do you think, didn't get the love it deserved?
19 - What's something the audience doesn't know about the behind the scenes of your channel?
20 - What's the most absurd request you received from a fan?
21 - Do your family and friends know you make ASMR videos?
22 - Have you ever been recognized in public?
23 - What inspires your video ideas?
24 - Where do you find yourself spending the most time online?
25 - What advice would you give someone who wanted to make their own ASMR content.

📧E-mail: [email protected]
🖥Other channel:

age: 17
nationality: Belgian (Dutch part)
camera: iPhone 8
microphone: Apple earphones

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