ASMR ✨ Gentle Medical Exams - Eye, Ear, Cranial Nerve Exam - Doctor Roleplay

Starling ASMR
Published 1 year ago

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Please enjoy this relaxing asmr roleplay for sleep, featuring a relaxing asmr cranial nerve exam, asmr eye exam, asmr medical exam, asmr ear exam to help you sleep better thanks to carefully selected asmr roleplay triggers.
In this asmr roleplay for sleep you will find all the best asmr triggers from my asmr cranial nerve exam roleplay videos, asmr eye exam videos and and all my most viewed asmr medical roleplay videos.
This asmr unpredictable roleplay video features various Unpredictable Medical RP 's (Eye, Cranial Nerve, Face, Ear, Sleep) with lots of asmr triggers that will blow your tingle immunity AWAY.

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00:00 Preview
01:00 June's Journey Sponsorship
02:25 Click Click Click Exam
04:17 ASMR Face Touching / Tap Tap Tap
05:15 ASMR Light Trigger & Finger Movements
06:20 ASMR Light Trigger & Closed Eye
07:14 ASMR Follow My Instructions / Focus Test
07:48 Click Click Click
08:02 Light Trigger & Cardboard Test
09:30 Light & Lenses Exam
10:31 Throat Check / Light Trigger
11:50 Cranial Nerve Exam Olfactory Test
15:05 Cranial Nerve Exam Colour Test
16:10 Cranial Nerve Exam Tuning Fork
17:38 Cranial Nerve Exam Sharp Or Dull
18:58 Water Spray
20:09 Writing on my Palm
21:05 Face Measuring
22:12 Ear Exam - Fluffy Sticks
24:15 Focusing Test
25:31 Attention Span Exam - Kinetic Sand
29:48 Fidget Toy
31:23 Spoolie


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