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Published 9 months ago

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I guess I shouldn't have played with portals, now I'm stuck on a planet called earth and my magic powers don't work. So I discovered that people enjoy a thing called ASMR cranial nerve exam, I have no idea what I'm doing but I'm pretty sure it will give you tingles. So enjoy this ASMR cranial nerve exam, while I hope nobody sues me for medical malpractice.


00:00 Ana Luisa Promo
01:35 Assessment
01:58 Cranial Nerve Exam – Finger movement
03:06 Cranial Nerve Exam – How many fingers
04:01 Cranial Nerve Exam – Light Triggers
05:52 Cranial Nerve Exam – Light and Shapes & Counting
09:36 Cranial Nerve Exam – Lens and light
10:25 Identify The Smell & Colours
12:31 Sharp or Fluffernald Test
14:08 Keyboard Typing
14:30 Blink Blink Blink
15:24 Focus Test
16:42 Click Click Test
17:18 Ice Cream Scoop
18:41 Snellen Chart w/ Light
20:12 Tuning Fork
22:00 Follow My Instructions
24:23 Periferal Vision Check
25:25 Light Trigger
27:12 Second Olfactory Test
29:56 F in Comments For Colorblind People
31:11 Keyboard Typing
31:50 Hearing Test in Ear Whispering
32:54 Moe Typing
33:16 In Ear Whispering
34:00 Cranial Nerve Exam conclusion

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