ASMR RP Ear Exam & Cleaning for Space Program / Personal Attention (ENG, Soft spoken & Whisper)

Published 7 years ago


Welcome to your ear exam! I'm going to check your hearing ability.

I'm going to ask you some questions about your health and write your answers to your card. Next I will be checking your ear condition by touching your ears. And, of course, I'm going to wear gloves!
Next I gently clean your ears with cotton sticks and make some tests: whisper in your ears and make sounds with my fingers.

I'll hope, you can pass all tests and have many tingles!

00:00 - 02:50 - Introduction & Writing in the card
02:51 - 04:14 - Ear touching
04:25 - 05:33 - Ear cleaning
05:40 - 06:35 - Words whispering from ear to ear
06:36 - 07:15 - Numbers whispering from ear to ear
07:30 - 09:05 - Sounds by fingers


It's just a role play for relaxation and treatment of insomnia. Do not attempt to self-medicate and refer to the specialist if you are worried about your health. I do not have to do with medicine and strongly recommend not to take the words of video as a personal and definitive diagnosis. Take care of your health!


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Thank you for watching this video!


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