DEEP Ear Whispering, ROUGH Mic Brushing and Other Triggers!!! [ASMR]

Naps 'N Taps By Noah - ASMR
Published 3 years ago

To my fellow Tingle Pringles: These sounds will knock your socks off. This video is all new triggers based on your suggestions. I've got some personal ear whispers, mic brushing, and a menagerie of other triggers I picked up from a craft store. Whether you're here for ASMR / tingles, to relax, fall asleep, or whatever, we've got what you're looking for.

On a serious note, I can't thank you all enough for the support you've continually given me. I'm humbled that you all enjoy my content, and I'm pushing myself to get better and better with each video. Stick around and let's see where this thing goes; I can't do it without you.

I'm uploading a few times a week right now, comment below if you want to know when my next video is coming out and I'll respond.

I'm finding out just how expensive this hobby is, so if you would like to support me, here are a few options:

Venmo: @Noah-123
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