ASMR Anime Merchandise Show and Tell [soft spoken/whispered]

[Esc] reality
Published 8 years ago

This video contains a lot of tapping, paper sounds, page flipping sounds, shuffling sounds, soft speaking, whispering, rubber sounds, plush/fur sounds, sticky ...


Anime (TV Genre) Merchandising Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response show and tell Sailor Moon Pokemon Sailor Moon (Comic Book Series) Sailor Moon (TV Character) Show And Tell (Composition) Yu-Gi-Oh! (Comic Book Series) stickers cards tapping paper sounds figurines Figurine (Collection Category) soft spoken whisper rena sage witch not wiccan 90's nostalgia Nostalgia (Quotation Subject) digimon Digimon Adventure (TV Program) togepi Togepi (Character Species) request

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