ASMR (Anti-Bullying RP) Comfort from your Friend & your Teacher

Published 5 years ago

Heya, today I thought I would try my hand at making a roleplay for you guys. Now, I will say that I was extremely nervous when making this because I didn't think a roleplay was the type of video I would ever do but seeing as I seem to give everything else a shot usually, I thought "why should ASMR roleplays be any different?" I figured, making a roleplay won't be that bad and here we are. Once I started making it I actually started to find it rather interesting. I hope that this video isn't too cringey but if it is then A) I am sorry and B) Hopefully you can still get to sleep anyway XD

For those of you who are unsure on what ASMR is and what it stands for, it stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response and its a sensation (tingles) one gets when hearing certain sounds, seeing certain visual triggers or when they are physically touched such as having their hair played with. The tingles should feel like a static, tingly and calming sensation that can be felt in the scalp, down the spine and sometimes even your limbs. These tingles can make a person feel sleepy, relaxed or focused, aiding people with sleep, the ability to unwind or study. Some people dont experiece these tingles but they still watch ASMR as it helps them to unwind.

ASMR is not anyway meant to be sexual. Some people have found ways to sexualise ASMR and upload videos under the adult category, but this is not the true intention of asmr and i will not be uploading anything remotely sexual.

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