ASMR Medical Exam – Part 2 – Warning: Triggering Topic

Yvette ASMR
Published 3 years ago

As a Disclaimer, I am not a medical professional or self defense instructor. This is for comforting or entertaining purposes only.

The topic of domestic abuse is a sensitive one, and I have wanted to do something along these lines for a long time, but have not been sure (and still not) if I could do it properly. As an ASMR content creator, I really want my viewers to feel safe, protected, and in a mental state where they are allowed to feel whatever it is you feel. As someone who has been in close contact with an abuser, I also know this is not an easy thing to surrender either. If this is a topic that is disturbing or traumatizing to you, please seek medical and mental treatments.

The Hotline – A free service you can call, chat with and find resources if you or someone you know is in need for domestic violence, suicide prevention and counseling:

This topic has been brought up to me several times and may be one of my secrets that I've been able to work through with ASMR, as a viewer. You're safe here. I will not judge you. If there is any message I can give you, it's that you're being heard and cared for.

I had decided to touch of this matter in Part 2 of the mysterious injury I'm treating you for, which you have no memory. Self Defense is a topic that I think everyone should be taught, at least on some basic levels. I am not a professional adviser on this subject, either, and encourage those interested to seek out a trainer, or research methods online. Here is a good starter:

Part 1:

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