ASMR Ear, Nose and Throat Examination (ENT) Role Play: A Binaural Medical Exam For Relaxation

Heather Feather ASMR
Published 8 years ago

Hello everyone! This ASMR video features: ear to ear whispering, soft speaking, ear covering, tuning fork sounds, up close personal attention, Spanish, latex glove sounds, follow the finger, blood pressure cuff sounds, capping/uncapping, spray sounds, paper sounds, sticky sounds, lots of easy easter eggs, and a big thank you at the end for 100,000 subscribers. The role play is 35:16 mins long, and the rest is a soft spoken message I really wanted to say to you (not just type). This video def had its issues: I tripped twice making it (on the cords) so the perspective changes a few times. There was also a super big wind storm outside, which spooked my cats, so they were CONSTANTLY jumping on the table, meowing, being trolls, etc. Even though the exam is 35 mins, this took almost 4 hours to complete filming. I finished around 4:30am, so my filters weren't great by the time I got to speak to you. I hope this video works for you, and I hope you know I mean I every word I say in it at the end. Thank you, and Happy Viewing!
PS. I am not a real doctor---this is purely pretend, and this video should not be used for any legitimate medical purposes.

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