Reiki Sleep ASMR: Energy Plucking, Pulling & Soft Hand Movements, Inaudible Gentle Whispers

ASMR Reiki 🙏 Healing with Ani

Namaste beautiful souls!
Enjoy this calm ASMR sleep session with no talking, personal attention and gentle unintelligible whispering. Receive Reiki energy while dozing off to sleep. Receive ultimate relaxation! I hope you'll find something that resonates with you!
Thank you for all your support here and on Patreon, I couldn't carry on without you!
Gratitude, light, love and the warmest blessings to you all! 🙏

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“(The Journey) by Christopher Lloyd Clarke.
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**DISCLAIMER** I am a Reiki master but not a medical professional or doctor. This video offers relaxation, stress relief and supports the body's natural healing. I act as a conduit, I can channel and offer to transmit divine universal energy to clients, but I am not the cure itself, the energy is the healing property. It travels where it needs to go and will come and go when it needs to. It is timeless and not bound to distances, space or time. Reiki is not a substitute or replacement for medical care. It can however alleviate, improve or remove symptoms, if you are open for receiving and willing to accept the energy.


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