ASMR - Show and Tell - Film Cameras

Published 8 years ago

In this video, I show you my film cameras. Then I show you a book about photography, some films and some pictures that I took with those cameras.

Some sounds are a bit rough, I would recommend not putting the volume too high while watching this video.

I use flashes in this video, therefore it may not be suitable for people having an epilepsy history, I don't know, I'm no doctor, but be safe, don't watch the video if you believe this may harm you !

I'm sorry about the noise my microphone makes, I can't do much about it :/

00:45 Diana camera, introduction
04:00 camera noises
06:35 flash noises
09:20 camera scratching noises

10:25 Supersampler noises

15:20 Canon EX EE noises

19:25 Polaroid One 600 noises

21:25 Book scratching and tapping noises

24:02 Films, plastic noises

27:33 Pictures and Negatives, plastic noises

I hope you enjoyed the video as much as I did while making it!
Thank you for watching :)

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