ASMR | Candlelit Announcement ヾ(・д・ヾ)

Published 8 years ago

Obligatory 20k SUBS YAY THANK YOU

Don't open this if you don't want the announcement spoiled for you! :P

Alright, now let's ASMR together! I'll be streaming tonight, November 22nd at 8 pm EST. I really hope at least 3 of you will come keep me company ^ .^

For real though, I really, really appreciate all of my subscribers. 20k is nowhere near the most amount of subs some ASMRtists have but it's more than enough for me because all of you are incredibly kind and supportive, even when I post every two months. I truly hope I can make you guys as happy as you all make me! That just sounds awkward, I'm gonna stop haha.

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