ASMR E.R. Nurse Delicate Checkup - Roleplay (Face Exam, Eye Cranial Nerve Exam, Ear, Scalp, Sleep)

Starling ASMR
Published 6 months ago

Welcome! please enjoy this caring nurse delicate Checkup asmr roleplay for sleep and relaxation.
I will take care of you and make you feel at ease and relaxed with lots of asmr triggers carefully selected to help you sleep and relax.
Please Enjoy this asmr nurse roleplay!

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00:00 Face Sensitivity Crinkly Paper Test
02:48 Light Stick Exam
03:19 Bandage & Spray
07:01 Cotton Qtip & Disinfectant
09:39 Liquid Sounds
10:15 Soaking Leaves With Wet Gauze
12:25 Brushing Leaves Off Face
14:19 Light Trigger Eye Exam
14:45 Tuning Fork Cranial Nerve Exam
16:13 Light Trigger
16:57 Eye Cleaning & Blink Blink Blink
18:20 Scalp Check
19:30 Nose & Palm Test Cranial Nerve Exam
20:02 Mirror Touching & Face Brushing Cranial Nerve Exam
22:43 Closed Eye & Finger Counting
23:21 Italian Focus Test & Click Click
24:08 Palm Tracing Cranial Nerve Exam
25:10 In Ear Fluffy Sticks Fluffernald
30:05 In Ear Air Blowing Test
31:20 Light Trigger Rainbow Test
32:20 Bandage Wrapping

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