ASMR BLINK! 5 Unpredictable Medical RP 's (Eye, Cranial Nerve Exam, Face, Ear, Sleep)

Starling ASMR
Published 10 months ago

This asmr unpredictable roleplay video features 5 Unpredictable Medical RP 's (Eye, Cranial Nerve, Face, Ear, Sleep) with lots of asmr triggers that will blow your tingle immunity AWAY.
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this asmr roleplay video features the best triggers for your enjoyment and relaxation and sleep.
please relax and enjoy this fast and aggressive asmr roleplay video!

00:00 ASMR Eye exam
02:25 ASMR Cranial nerve exam
09:24 ASMR Dermatologist face exam
14:14 ASMR Ear exam
23:44 ASMR Sleep Exam Dark room

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