ASMR Freak Show Surgery with Dr. Emily WobblesWorth ~ Creepy

Published 4 years ago

A loving ASMR Doctor Role Play with super sweet Emily WobblesWorth, daughter and assistant of the legendary human centipede doctor and creator of Lobster Boy & Big Baby, Dr. WobblesWorth.

Dr. WobblesWorth -

Hi Guys! This is the full version of my contribution to TirarADeguello's awesome Halloween collaboration:

~~🍂 Time Stamps 🍂~~
0:00-3:32 General excitement
3:34-5:48 Saw
5:49-7:33 Excitement, plucking
7:34-8:56 Tying you up, chains
8:57-11:15 Clamping your brain
11:16 Giving you some lovin'...especially 12:37
14:00 An epiphany
15:18-17:40 More plucking
17:41-21:27 Filing it away
21:28-24:40 I removed your eyeballs
24:41 Put new eyeballs so you can see better ❤❤❤❤

~~🍂 Equipment Used 🍂~~ - face paint - springy eyeballs - the best gloves - canon 6d camera - canon 35mm lens - zoom h6 recorder - 3dio free space microphone

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