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Published 8 years ago

I was tagged by WhisperingGamer094 so here is my ASMR Tag response. I'm leaving links down below with the people who were tagged before. I tag Noise ASMR and the questions are also listed below :)




Lauren Fenton:



Heather Feather's Bubble/Kissing Sounds Video:


1. What is your name/username?
2. How long have you been on YouTube?
3. How many subscribers do you have?
4. Mac or PC? Or other?
5. What kind of camera do you have/ what do you use to record your videos?
6. Do you have a mic other than the one on your camera?
7. How did you discover ASMR videos?
8. What was the first ASMR video that you watched & who made it?
9. Briefly explain your first ASMR experience.
10. What made you decide to make ASMR videos?
11. What date did you actually decide to make an ASMR video?
12. What is your favorite trigger?
13. What kind of video do you get requested most?
14. What was your most recent ASMR experience?
15. Describe what usually happens when you experience ASMR.
16. Does anyone else in your family/friends (other than people you have met in the ASMR community) experience ASMR?
17. Have you tried to explain ASMR to your loved ones? What was their reaction, if so?
18. Have you ever been caught in a daze, experiencing ASMR, by someone who does not?
19. How often do you watch ASMR videos & what time of day?
20. If you could meet any ASMRtist in person, who would it be?
21. What is a real life ASMR situation for you?
22. Do you prefer whispering, closeup whispering, soft speaking, or pure sounds videos?
23. Add one question to this tag!
(added)-Who would you like to see (/be) in a collaboration video (with)?
(added)-How often do you get ASMR immunity? And how long do you wait until you watch videos again?
24. Did you enjoy this tag?
25. Tag someone so that they can participate too! :)

For personalized ASMR videos contact me at [email protected]

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*** What is ASMR? It’s that tingly sensation that some people get in the back of the scalp, sometimes going down your spine and other parts of the body. It is pleasurable and relaxing. The purpose of ASMR videos is to trigger these tingles by recreating real life based situations that would normally be triggering, or by simply playing with sounds and visuals that work just as well. There's a lot more to that pleasurable physical feeling though. Most ASMR videos provide personal attention and make the viewer feel cared for and safe. I like to believe this feeling called ASMR is a primal body response to the feeling of being safe and loved. ASMR may not only help you relax and sleep, but it can also help you find comfort and can be a powerful tool to be more mindful and deal with stress better. A shortcut to meditation.

***Que es el ASMR? Es una sensación de cosquilleo que algunos sentimos en la parte trasera del cuero cabelludo; a veces deslizándose por la columna vertebral hacia otras partes del cuerpo. El objetivo de los videos ASMR es detonar este cosquilleo recreando situaciones basadas en la vida real (que naturalmente generarían esa sensación), o por medio de sonidos y efectos visuales. Estos videos representan mucho más que un método para detonarlo. Muchos ofrecen una ficticia atención personal con el objetivo de hacer sentir al observador cuidado y seguro. En mi opinión, esta respuesta fisiológica que llamamos ASMR, no es más que una reacción primordial del cuerpo ante situaciones de seguridad y afecto. El ASMR no solo sirve para relajarse y poder conciliar el sueño, sino que también puede brindar consuelo y puede ser utilizado como una herramienta para combatir el estrés. Una forma sencilla de meditar.


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