I'll Sing You To Sleep :: Nightwish 01 :: Lullaby

[Esc] reality
Published 8 years ago

I apologize if you see ads in this video, it wasn't me. I got a matched third party content claim on one of the songs (but not the rest?) and they chose to monetize it. Nothing I can do about it. Guess I'm just that good they are confident they can make money off of me.

Of course this is downloadable. Who do you think I am?
* By downloading my content you agree that you will not try to sell it and give me credits if you use it.

I know I'm not the best singer out there but neither is Paris Hilton. I just wanted to give you something to sleep to before I continue with my projects. There aren't enough words to say how much I appreciate your support. Your kindness is so encouraging. Thank you for giving me purpose.


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